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Online Education through OOWA

The Ohio Onsite Wastewater Association is now offering online education via our affiliation with the National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association’s (NOWRA) online education platform.  Visit the NOWRA website here to explore the OOWA courses available or click on a course below.

Please note that while taking the class, for Technical Support call (888) 705-6002 (8 am - 8 pm EST) or email


Operation and Maintenance Overview

Sampling – Where, When and How

Anaerobic vs Aerobic Treatment

Controls, Pumps and Float Replacement

TSS:  Sources and Solutions

Managing High and Low Flows

Safety Overview

Troubleshooting Septic Tanks


Troubleshooting ATUs

System Remediation

Managing Commercial Systems

Dealing with Challenging Sites

You can also purchase the OOWA Service Provider Alternative O&M Training Program for Pretreatment Products course here.

OOWA has received approval of some of the courses developed by NOWRA for continuing education for STS contractor and sanitarian registration.

Visit the NOWRA website here to explore the NOWRA courses available or click on an approved course below.



NOWRA Installer Academy *

NOWRA Installer: Intro and Safety
NOWRA Installer: Planning
NOWRA Installer: Soil and Site Concepts
NOWRA Installer: Distribution of Effluent
NOWRA Installer: Piping and Tanks
NOWRA Installer: Dosing and Controls
NOWRA Installer: Advanced Treatment

NOWRA Installer: Soil Treatment

NOWRA A to Z *

NOWRA Intro to Onsite & Wastewater
NOWRA Soil Treatment

NOWRA Operation and Maintenance

NOWRA Troubleshooting *

NOWRA Troubleshooting Flows
NOWRA Troubleshooting Septic Tanks
NOWRA Troubleshooting Pumps and Controls

NOWRA Troubleshooting Soil Treatment Systems
NOWRA Troubleshooting Media Filters
NOWRA Troubleshooting Microbiology
NOWRA Troubleshooting ATUs
NOWRA Troubleshooting Drain Field Malfunction
NOWRA Troubleshooting Malfunction Case Studies

NOWRA Mega Modules *

NOWRA Planning for Sustainability

NOWRA Assessments and Solutions



NOWRA Alcohol and Beer Wastewater Treatment

NOWRA Reinvented Toilets and Urine Diversion

NOWRA Nitrogen Balance

NOWRA Tank Buoyance and Watertightness

NOWRA Commercial Driving License (CDL) and DOT

NOWRA Wastewater Treatment Myths and Toilet Paper

NOWRA Design Course *

NOWRA Overview

NOWRA Septic Tanks

NOWRA Aerobic Treatment

NOWRA Soil Properties

NOWRA Soil Water Movement

NOWRA Making Infiltrative Decisions

NOWRA Pressure Distribution


Please contact the OOWA office if you have any questions.

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