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EPA Designates September 22-26 as SepticSmart Week

EPA's 2nd Annual SepticSmart Week will take place September 22-26, 2014. The event was developed to encourage homeowners and communities to care for and maintain their septic or advanced treatment systems, specifically to reduce the impacts on water quality. If your company or your organization is involved in public education activities -- and we know that many of you are -- this is a good event to tie into. EPA has a number of helpful public education materials for you to use or adapt. They also have some good ideas on how to generate publicity. EPA does a good job of generating media interest in this topic, which means your efforts are likely to go further. Here is a link to the SepticSmart section of the EPA website, and here is a link to a list from EPA on ways and organizations communities can become involved in SepticSmart.

Nominations Now Being Accepted for OOWA Board

Nominations are currently being accepted for four open positions on the OOWA Board of Directors.  Openings include one representative from the public sector and three from the private sector.  Current directors whose terms are ending include Jim Charville, Trent Lydic, Mike Morrow and Mary Ann Webb. Each board position carries a three-year term, beginning at the Annual Membership Meeting, held at the 2015 Annual Conference and Trade Show.  Please consider nominating yourself or another OOWA member.  A nomination form can be found by clicking here.  Nominations must be submitted by November 1, 2014.

OOWA Seeks Administrator

Job summary: Responsible for the administration of the Ohio Onsite Wastewater Association.  Handle all association communications, record keeping, budget and financial management, and database management.  Work with the board of directors, including attendance at all board meetings, taking and managing the minutes, and agenda development.


  • Board of directors including election process, new board member orientation, meeting attendance and official minutes
  • Liaison to association legal and accounting advisors
  • Maintain and backup computer files
  • Other duties as deemed appropriate and necessary by board


  • Budget development and management
  • Manage bank and credit card accounts
  • Work with accountant on annual audit


  • Maintain membership listing
  • Send out and receive annual membership renewals


  • Manage website and social media sites
  • Work with newsletter editor to develop quarterly newsletter
  • Print and distribute association newsletter
  • Handle the official correspondence and maintain association phone number

Annual membership meeting:

  • Plan the annual meeting
  • Work with conference facility on room and meal arrangements
  • Organize exhibitors
  • Staff registration

Qualifications: High school diploma/GED or greater. Experience in office procedures.  Demonstrate ability to set up and manage a website.  Bookkeeping skills.  Must have office space and all office equipment (computer, printer, FAX/phone).

Position: Part-time, work-from-home position.  Approximately 50 hours per month.  Salary is based on experience and qualifications.  This is a contract position as an independent contractor.

Starting date: May 1, 2015


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Ohio STS Rules
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Ohio NPDES  General Permit
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